Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 7th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, September 7, 2015 2:35 AM
Subject: Week one in Nimes

We helped move Three different people this week! We moved one member
just down the street, another person into an apartment, and we helped
a potential investigator move old furniture out of her house! We
really got good workouts this week!

We started working with a less active named brother Abdoun and we
talked about his life and what made him go inactive and how he got his
first testimony. It was really good. He came to church on Sunday :)

One of our investigators is named Maria! She is nine and her parents
are and only speak Armenian. She is scheduled to get baptized at the
end of this week! The ward didn't fix anything so that she could be
baptized when she was eight so we have to teach her all of the
lessons. Its been exciting. She makes fun of Elder Connel because he
doesn't understand anything that we say in French. Its great :) We saw
her multiple times this week just preparing her. It is great practice
for teaching simply too!

Our second main investigator is Fabrice. Fabrice is an older guy and
he doesn't see very well. We are currently helping him construct a
fence, thats how the elders first made contact with him, and Honestly
he is really cool! We work on the fence and then share the gospel. We
are going over again today sooooo yeah. Oh, he lives like fifty
minuets out of town so it takes up a huge chunk of our day sadly.

We have had a couple appointments fixed with an african named
Hortense, however she is kinda flakey(shes african). We hope to
finally see her :)

We ate dinner last night at the Bells house! They are a super cool
family. He baptized this hispanic lady while he was on his mission
here in France and then came back two year later and married her.
Their relationship is different but they are really sweet. She has
some older children who are not really interested in the church. It
was interesting. In any case we really connected with his youngest
son:) He likes basketball ;) I asked Brother Bell if we could come to
his house or go to the church once a week and have a French study to
help us speak better :) I remember all of the French classes with
French speaking people in Chalon and how that really helped me learn
the language. We are going to try to get Connel speaking more :)

The Branch is interesting. We had testimony meeting and that is always
a really spiritual experience. We got to see the awesome testimonies
of the ward. Then Priesthood meeting. ohhh, I am going to have
nightmares about Priesthood meeting. The guy leading us read a little
quote from this weeks talk and then asked the question "what is
Pride?" There was a quiet pause
until someone started saying something, a younger member of the
brethren, and before he finished his sentence an older, but not
necessarily wiser, Brother cut off the younger brother. Before this
older Brother finished his second sentence a wider Brother in his
thirties stood up and said "I DONT AGREE, I CAN NOT EXCEPT THAT
DEFINITION AT ALL"...It calmed down a little after that but not by
much. Lots of interrupting and disputing. We literally didn't read
anymore of the talk. The brethren argued  for forty minuets over the
definition of Pride. sigh.

We found about four potentials this week! That literally knocked my
socks off. In Rodez we would contact for hours and hours and wouldn't
find this many potentials in a month; so if it stays like this we
should have a nice teaching pool soon :)

What else would you want to know? Oh, we live right above a bar so
whenever we want to go home later in the evening we get to pass by the
happy crowd. It honestly isn't to bad. Tuesday night however we got
stopped by a drunk muslim literally five feet from our front door. He
got right up next to me. I could feel his colorful alcohol breath all
over my face and he asked "are you Muslim or Christian?" Of course I
said I was christian. He looked over at one of his muslim friends and
his friend started to say something in Arab to his drunk buddy.
I looked at Elder Connel and said "open the door". Before elder Connel
could move the drunk muslim lunged at me and yelled "GET OUT OF HERE!
LEAVE! LEAVE!" Before he actually touched me his muslim friend caught
him and pushed him back saying more things in Arab. Finally Elder
Connel starts unlocking the door and the bartender comes out and tells
the two Arabs that they cant have any more drinks if they are going to
try and start a fight. The drunk Muslim man pushed through his friend
and up towards the bar tender and started yelling about how Racist
French people were. When Elder Connel opened the door we scampered up
the stairs and poked our heads out the window to see what was
A crowd of eight or nine people had gathered together and sorta
separated the bartender from the drunk muslim guy. He kept yelling for
a good twenty minuets before he finally left. We were wide awake after
that! haha, fortunately we haven't had anymore exciting experiences

VOila, If there is anything you want to know about Nimes don't
hesitate to ask :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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