Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 6:47 AM
Subject: I loves Nimes.

    Tuesday we contacted some and ran into a muslim guy who has changed
religions twice. He said he would be interested in learning more about
our religion and he took a book of mormon. We were on exchange Tuesday
so I got to hang out with Elder Duffy. He has been in France for
twelve days now! So he kinda couldn`t speak French haha. Our plan was
to run over to Brother Zogos house and give him a blessing for his
back and then real quickly go to Maria`s to be there for the interview
with the District Leader. While at Zogos however he wanted to sing "if
you could high to kolab" all the verses with a guitar interlude half
way through. It was a really pretty piece. We were just late to our
next Appointment haha, on the plus side it was Elder Duffys very first
blessing! So that was exciting for him.
    We had Zone Training this week! that was cool. The zone leaders
didn't talk about anything spiritual. President had them go over ALL
of the rules. We started by receiving a ton of new Ipad rules and then
they just kept coming. I got to see Elder Perry my trainer! That was
really exciting! He hurt his leg playing soccer however and now he
cant leave the apartment. That was sad, but he was keeping that super
positive attitude!
    All of Friday we prepared for Marias baptism! I got to write a talk,
try and find the button that makes hot water come out of the baptismal
font, fill out ridiculous amounts of paperwork, make a brochure, it
was just one big adventure!
    Saturday we had the baptism! She was so excited and then she got
baptized and then she was slightly upset because she was wet. Didn't
quiet know what to say about that but all is well now. The rest of
Saturday was weekly planning and time that I spent writing my talk for
Sunday! Yup, I got to write a fifteen minuet talk, I think it was the
First long talk that I have ever had to give! haha, I would happily
send it to all of you but I wrote it in French...I was asked to talk
on "Bringing the hearts unto Christ". I didn't know this at the time
but throughout my entire talk I kept saying "Khor" instead of "Kur"(I
spelled the phonetically for y'all)  and so, unbeknownst to me I
actually gave a talk on bring Bodies to Christ instead of Hearts. A
little more morbid but I think most everyone understood haha. I even
made a couple people laugh in my talk too! :) hehehe.
    Anyways, Maria is doing well, we are going to see her Wednesday and
read in the Book of Mormon with her.
    Fabrice is doing well too. We built Fence. Oh so much Fence. We
fenced off about half of his lot. He really likes talking while we
work. We fell on the subject of the Book of Mormon and I gave him a
pretty long summary of what happens inside. I really like him. His
family is crazy though! He has a Muslim Brother, a Buddhist sister,
his mom was atheist and his dad was Protestant! He told us that if he
ever choses a religion it will take him lots of thinking time! haha He
raises racing dogs for a living! Its honestly really cool, he has five
of these really tall but really skinny snouty looking dogs! Ill take
pictures this Wednesday to send to y'all.
    Anyways, that seems to cover our week. Today we are finally going to
go see the coliseum. :) and yeah. I hope Y'all has a good week! haha

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Maria's baptism

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