Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, October 12, 2015 6:08 AM
Subject: More Nimes!

I am happy that I get to stay in Nimes! I even get to keep elder
Connell! haha The elders in Montpelier have a baptism interview that

we get to go and do :) That will be a first! I have never done a
baptismal interview. I guess this is a real test of my French! :P

This past week was really fun. Monday we went guitar looking. There is
a guitar outlet here in Nimes with over 1500 guitars! I have never
seen so many stringed instruments. EVER! There are spots where you
cant walk anymore due to the excessive amount of Guitars in your path.

Tuesday we went on exchange with the zone leaders!!! oooooh Elder Shaw
and I stayed in Nimes. We got extra contacting time because no one
showed up to our Rondez vous... We did however Find Simon!

Simon is a collage student here in Nimes studying Music! He is the
lead singer for a local band called `Mo Fo Party Plan`. He made it
sound like they play Indie techno music. I wouldn't know though! We
showed him the church and explained stuff. He liked the genealogy
center and would like to research his ancestors. So, that might be
fun. At the end of our Rondez vous we brought out guitars and played
some music! That was exciting. Elder Connell beat boxed while we
played guitars. Honestly not a bad combination. :) Simon speaks some
English and he tried to sing in English and that was hilarious! He
couldn't think of what to say so he just started singing random
english words. They didn't make any sense but it reminded me of
hanging out with hunter ;)

Miguel missed one of our meetings this week but he called us back and
said he wanted to see us this Wednesday :) Other then that he seems to
be doing well. We have him reading in second Nephi :) What can I say?
He loves profound doctrine.

We contacted this African guy named John Francois and we ended up
taking him to the church and just showing him around! We've done that
a couple times now. Just pull someone off the street and show them the
church. We called up Brother Zogo and he came to help us out with the
Rondez vous! I love when members are cool enough to just drop
something and come help us out. Part way through the lesson Fr zogo
just started speaking african to John Francois. John Francois took a
book of moromon and Fr zogo took him home. Still have no idea what
happened or even if we are ever going to see John Francoi again.

We didnt go help fabrice this week. To many other things to do :( we
might not be able to help him this week either due to Ronez vous and
stuff. Sigh.

I am excited to do another Transfer with Connell and I am excited to
accomplish all the goals that we set for this transfer! We fixed a
goal to eat SUPER HEALTHY and to help us we planned out every single
meal for the week. When we were at the cash register and they lady
told us how much it all was Elder Connell got really stone faced and
didn't talk to me until we got home...We talked about it and fixed
goals for what we will and will not buy next week. :) all is well in

Love yall to the moon and back!
Elder Keller

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