Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Happenings

Miles answered Morgan and they are going to Sadies together!  
Troy is in Singapore.

Ethan attended a BYU football game and hiked to the Y with the Tufts, they are sure good to put up with his goofiness : ).
Just the beautiful view as I head out on my walk one morning.

Ethan, Ana and I were home and everyone else was gone, so we headed out to the Movies on a Tuesday night and watched Hotel Transylvania 2.

Off to Texas over UEA to close on our house and visit the kids schools!  Exciting and nerve racking stuff.  We survived and have a house in Texas and Utah now.  The kids liked swimming in the pool, catching turtles in the pond and eating out.

Ethan has done a great job mowing and edging the lawn all to buy a turtle costume for Halloween?!?!?  Hmmm, yet it seems to be happy just like him.  Maybe a good fit and very roomy so maybe there will be future Halloweens in it.
Morgan had her orchestra concert Wednesday October 21st.  She is first chair in the viola section and did a wonderful job leading.  Beautiful.  Then she came home to find the turtle head... but with her orchestra blacks on she looks a little more like a snake!

Tanya and Victor
Ana had a tumbling sleepover this past weekend.  She had a lot of fun making pyramids and toilet paper mummies and balls.  I don't know that she ever went to sleep.  She came home saying she was going to mow the lawn and then I found her asleep on the couch, she took a good long 3 hour nap!  Too funny.

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