Monday, October 19, 2015

Grant's letter for October 19th with pictures : D

Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 6:53 AM
Subject: More Nimes!

    It was a good week. Better then some of the other ones. We helped an
african lady in our ward move everything from storage up to her main
floor. It is incredibly ridiculous some of the things we keep and
carry with us in life.
    We contacted this guy named Jerome but when he found out we were
american he kept calling him self Geranemo (only the lord must know
how to spell this name) like the indian. Anyways, he is a practicing
Protestent, Buddhist, and something else that I had never heard of. He
is kind of a strange fellow but he totally came to church with out
being invited or anything! He even stayed all three hours of church!
However, he did need to eat an egg half way through sacrament meeting.
He just keeps boiled eggs in his pocket I guess; the dude had like 4
in there. Really nice guy, a bit weird, but said that if we had enough
"prof" he would totally get baptized.
    We started a morning text-o each morning; we just send out a verse or
two from the book of mormon and the members are just eating it up! We
have this one less active who has started sending us "words of wisdom"
in response to each book of moron text-o. They have absolutely nothing
to do with the text too! We have now fixed a total of three
appointments with old investigators and less actives thanks to this
morning text-o! So thats been super cool! Plus every time that the
members see us they thank us for the text! :P
    We finished Fabrice`s fence this week! Exciting stuff. I don't know
if that means that he is through with us or what. We will see what
happens this next week.
    We moved yet Another family out of the ward...sigh. We are going to
be the death of this ward.haha
    One of the less actives that the morning text-o has got us in contact
with is sister Hugon! We gave her daughter a blessing. She said she
woke up one night being chased around by evil spirits...We are going
back over Wednesday to weed her back yard. I am glad that we are going
to be able to help her :) She is really nice, kind of a scary looking
lady, but really nice. :)
    We saw Maria Mirkirtamov, the girl we baptized last transfer. She is
doing better. She smashed her jaw into the sidewalk trying to ride a
skate board and now she cant talk due to all the bandages and
gauze...kinda gross looking too.
    Ben will be happy to hear that We PLAYED BASKETBALLLLL! all five of
our investigators that said they would come bailed ten minuets before
but we ended up playing with the two priests and one deacon in the
ward. Plus another neighborhood kid and Shaun Bell, an early thirty
year old in the ward who doesn't like how long my arms are. (:
    Ill attach  the pictures that we took last P-day when we went to the
"Jardins de la fontaine"

Avec amour,

Elder Keller

Grant's letter in response to mine asking for some pictures of where he is living (I added my letter at the end).
Mom feel free to write me a whole essay chalk full of spiritual messages :)

I will be looking for the package :) Merci!

That is really cool that brother Howard has become reactivated! I never quiet understood why he was our basketball coach until dad explained it to me  :) Tell him hello and thanks for coaching me.

 My companions just put sugar and peanut butter into a pan with three different types of chocolate and put it in the oven...

We replaced our fireplace of mormons

 This is our junk room...we dont have clips so we tied the dumb bell bar down with chord.
the mouse looking thing is the vacuums. 

Bathroom. Look! Im still using dads portable tooth brush closet! :D

 these are our bunk beds. All four of which aren't made. The top left actually falls through so its become a shelf for Elder Connells stuff.

Our hanger broke so I ripped it apart and jammed the individual pieces into this strange wall closet that we have. the one bar wasn't long enough so we used some shoes of an old long gone missionary and now it grips on well enough to hold suits. Easily the most closet space I have ever had on my mission :)

Love you all so much! dont laugh to hard :) Merci!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

My letter to Grant last week, we had such a great stake conference and I sent him some of my notes and thought I'd throw it in here...

 Howdy Elder,

Here's hoping you had a wonderful week & found some new amis.   If you think about it take a couple pics of the town you live in and or your apartment... it's fun for us to see how you are living.  I did mail you a box on Wednesday - so hopefully next week sometime...

So we went down and closed on our new/90's home in Texas this week.  We stopped by the Jr. High and High School and Morgan was able to meet the choir and orchestra directors.  She thought they were great, but she still doesn't want to move.  I do think she'll be fine after she settles in, there might just be a lot of tears before that point.    So we headed back Saturday morning, we were ready since there wasn't any furniture to sit on in the house, haha - well, I was ready.  I must be getting old.  The kids did seem to enjoy the pool and pond.  

So we had a great stake conference this weekend.  I thought I'd share a few thoughts with you about what was shared.  The focus was on the Sabbath Day.  In a meeting a couple months ago a general authority spoke and said that the easy years of being a mormon are over and our youth need to be stronger and make the choice to be on the Lord's side.  He said to do this we need to be better at keeping the sabbath day holy and teaching the gospel more in our homes.  I think that is why the focus of our meetings were on the sabbath day and teaching and being examples in our homes.

That said.  These are a few highlights that I wrote down from stake conference.  
Pres. Zimmerman:

We need to a line our will to Gods:  if we do so we will have a greater sense for the sacred and sabbath, we will seek sanctification (as we actively seek we'll have the Holy Ghost continually with us), and it will invite revelation into our lives (we can't receive revelation from God if we aren't daily reading our book of mormon).

Sister Marcheski, who just got home from her mission a few weeks ago:
She talked that we need to daily make the decision to follow Christ.  One way we know we are following Christ is if we are able to discern the suffering of others when we are suffering.  I was really impressed with that thought, because that truly is when we seem to be the most self absorbed and selfish is when we are dealing with our own pain, sorrows, struggles.  It is much more difficult to see beyond our troubles and to help others, yet it often seems more rewarding when we are able to serve others during these hard times in our lives.

Pres. Clark
shared that obeying the Sabbath is an act of gratitude and that in the scriptures (old testiment, didn't get it written down) says that the promise that comes with obeying the sabbath is that the earth is blessed.  We need to be more aware of the earth around us and that everything is in Gods hands and we need to give thanks and be grateful, if we do the Lord/earth will provide for us.

He also quoted Brigham Young: by not attending our meetings, little by little the doctrine leaks from our hearts and we fall away.  The church renews us, another reason to keep the Sabbath and attend our meetings.

Pres. Castillo
talked about we are what we eat, physically and spiritually - how often are we partaking of spiritual things and recognizing them as spiritual.  And he talked about filling our clocks/time with spiritual things.
Then he went on that it's our responsibility to teach these things in the home.  He talked about trumpets playing and more than one playing out of tune.  which led into three sounds that are out of tune.  
The sound that is never played/practiced or there is no real sound: How can you/your children follow a Sheppard you don't know or a spirit you don't know.  If you never have spiritual moments at home how are you/your children suppose to recognize the spirit or our savior Jesus Christ?
The inconsistent sound (on again off again, church/spirit lowest priority or only when convenient):  kids learn by our actions, if we aren't doing spiritual things even when we don't want to or not doing them daily the kids will see that they aren't that important to us and they won't be to them either.  We must show sacrifice and consistency when no one wants to doit, when its not convenient, when others sleep, etc.
The contradictory sound: do we not attend our meetings, travel, listen to music that isn't uplifting, play with friends, etc on Sunday - do we not keep the Sabbath holy?

for a consistent sound spiritual things must be done and taught daily so the spirit can hear us.  If we study the gospel as a family everyday in the home our family roots will dig deep in the gospel.  

Sister Jowers, returned from mission to russia three months ago.  Shared how when she came home Pres. Castillo told her that her mission isn't the spiritual high of her life it needs to be her new base line.  I really liked that thought.  She went on to say being a member isn't meant to be comfortable or easy, which she learned as a missionary - mission isn't comfortable or easy.  and we need to continue to progress.  There is always more to learn.  She said we need to ask ourselves how we can start each day on a spiritual base line that builds off of our spiritual climax from yesterday?
Every day is a new day if we have a willing heart, the desire to believe and faith in our father in heaven.  then she went on to share some stories.  thought it was a great talk.

High school girl spoke about living here in Utah sometimes we are so used to the spirit that we don't even notice it any more.  Her example was taken from a talk by Brother Bytheway about driving around in a parking garage.  You think it's well lit, you can see where you are going and all the cars/parking spaces, but as soon as you drive out into the sun you are blinded by the light.  Yet you notice everyone who has been walking around in the sunlight is use to the light and doesn't seem to notice how bright it really is.  That sunlight is the spirit.  Sometimes we are so used to it being with us we dont' notice it or take it for granted.  We need to practice and pay attention and notice when we are touched by the spirit.

Ok, I'm done.  There was a little more than I thought to share, but there were really so many great messages last night and today.  And a lot of great stories shared.  In fact they asked Brother Howard to speak, he used to coach YM basketball when you played.  He has come back to church this year and just went through the temple a couple weeks ago.  He shared his journey today and it was really sweet to hear hear him tell his story.  

Love you,
have a great week.  If there are any names you'd like me to put on the prayer roll this week let me know, I'll be going on wednesday : )


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