Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 5:45 AM
Subject: Nimes week six

Well, this is week six with Elder Connel and week six in Nimes!

    Like normal we helped out Fabrice with his Fence and all went well.

Nothing crazy happened. The raging beasts were to busy foraging to
attack innocent missionaries. Oh, we literally built a gate door. I
have never needed to employ such skills until last tuesday haha. We
talked to Fabrice about coming to church or to Family home evening.
Then we talked about general conference! He said he would think about

    Miguel! OHHH I wish yall could meet Miguel. We contacted him a week
or two ago and we finally got a rondez vous with him. We sat at one of
those classic outdoor French Cafés. Miguel is from Spain and has
Spanish roots. He moved to France for work. He is a street artist. He
makes art on the street and sells it and stuff. He told us that the
French government literally gives him everything he needs to live
apartment, food, food for dogs, the whole deal! So he does what he
loves and thats street art....Anywho, he has talked with and looked
into most religeons. Jehovas whittnesses, catholics, Protestants,
evangelists, muslims, Buddhists, we got a really long explanation from
him but all in all he hasn't looked into our church yet. Sorry, I
digressed again. We were sitting at one of those classic outdoor
French Cafés teaching him the Restoration. I don't know how but he
literally just understood everything. We asked him a couple questions
and it just all made sense to him! He even started expanding on what
we had just taught. Really cool.

    We invited him to go to General Conference with us! :D and he came!
We watched conference at Stephanie's house. Before we started
conference we followed up on the reading assignments that we had left
with Miguel. We asked him to read one chapter but instead he just read
the whole book of Ether! Good stuff. We were half way though
explaining what General Conference is when he started asking why we
needed prophets and stuff. Stephenie and Pujol(two members) tried to
help him understand the importance of a living prophet. I whipped out
Ephesians 4 where it talks about why we need apostles, prophets,
evangilists....up until we are all unified into the same faith. That
quenched his question and we booted up conference. And I kid you not
the Very first talk of Priesthood (I am not one hundred percent sure
why we were watching priesthood but I am not complaining)the first
talk of which was given by Niel L anderson, Niel usses the EXACT same
scripture in Ephesians! Same Verses EVERYTHING! and Miguel turns to me
with a "thats not even possible" look on his face and asks us if we
had already seen this. I responded no and Stephenie jumps out of her
chair and pretty much yells "THATS CALLED MODERN REVELATION!" Things
almost got out of hand. Gautier started dancing while he was sitting
on the couch and Miguel jumped out of his chair and said "thats not
revelation that was a coincidence, stuff like that happens all the
time!!!" and all of the commotion woke up my companion.

    After conference we fixed another Lesson with Miguel for tomorrow. We
talked about what he is looking for in a church and he said that he
thinks the real church of christ would be well known for doing
service. So its a good thing we don't have any programs like that in
the church. We will probably show him a humanitarian video put out by
the church and talk about temples because those make us very
different. I honestly really like this guy! Miguel is fun to teach and
easy too. Matt Bronson must just have the easiest time teaching people
down in Spain ;)

District meetings topic was about speaking in French twenty four
seven. Which is really hard when you have a third transfer companion.
But we have been speaking in French a lot more its funny all of the
little words Elder Connell has been learning. Its been really good for
us both though. This transfer has been interesting conference and
meeting wise. We have been introduced to a ton more rules in the past
couple district meetings and conferences and I feel like thats almost
all they are. I remember having super spiritual conferences that sorta
rejuiced your missionary envie. we fixed a meeting with a less active who lives literally
across the street from a mosques. When we went it happened to be the
same time that all the muslims go to mosques. I was scared out of my
mind. We were surrounded by robes and foreign languages. wow

Turina family. Elder Connell fixed a rondez vous with a Tahitian
couple that just moved into the Branch. We went and worked out with
brother Turina. He also taught us how to box. So that was dope! After
the workout his less active brother in law came over and we got to
teach him. He has a sad testimony. He literally got baptized because
he prayed really hard during a rooster fight and his bird won. So he
got baptized....oh some peoples kids.

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