Monday, March 14, 2016

Letter from Grant - March 14 2016

This week almost sounds like a normal missionary week.
So, we had interviews with President Tuesday, always good to have some one on one time with the big man. He promised us that we would find one person to engage to baptism before the mission conference.
The next day we ran errands up in Lausanne. Some elders got a fridge from some nice members. The fridge was infested with cockroaches. So they were happy for a clean fridge. We also installed a washer, dryer, and an oven up in one of the newer Geneva apartments. We came down from Swiss to Lyon Thursday for district meeting. District meeting was really solid. Probably one of the best ones I have had. It was on repentance. Which I thought was odd at first since all President has been talking about lately has been engaging people to baptism to reach our goal of two new people with a baptismal dates per missionary team before March fifteenth. March fifteenth is our mission conference! And Elder Christofferson is coming! We are all super excited. Anywho, we talked about repentance and just did lots with repentance. I don't know how to explain it, it was spiritual.
We spent the next two days on exchange with our district leader Elder Lindsey and his companion Elder Blake Wilson! We did good work, we were trying to find people to engage to baptism. So we went through the entire area book and tried to recontact everyone who used to have a baptismal date. We fixed some appointments, and that's what we spent most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doing. 
Today, the office dropped a lot of random stuff on us. They need all sorts of random things done before the Christofferson conference tomorrow. Basically we have had no time today, However, litter-ally less then an hour ago we had a Rondez-vous with one of the people we called from the area book and we engaged him to baptism and he accepted! His name is Thomas, he is a very humble old French man in his fifties. Really kind guy :) Anyways, it was a super cool little miracle.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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