Monday, March 7, 2016

Letter from Grant - March 7th Happy 20th!

Monday morning we got up and drove cross mission all the way to Bordeaux. We ate breakfast in Brive and got the biggest Eclairs I have ever seen. We even ate them in the back of the van.image1.JPG

When we got to Bordeaux we checked out two empty closing apartments. The first we couldn't get into, grabbed the wrong set of keys. The second, when we did get in, was completely trashed. Someone(either the Elders or some strangers) broke ALL of the furniture into pieces and then piled it up next to the heaters. Crazy stuff. Fortunate the place didn't burn down. Someone had also fried a couple plastic plates and bowls in the microwave. Floor was super ripped up too. The whole thing was just crazy, unreal, a little scary to be honest. So we got to be the cleanup crew. 
We spent the night in Agens, where elder Wilson spent his last four transfers, and gave them some chairs that they were missing. Elder Steinbock is in Agnes, he came in with me so it was good to see him and talk. I didn't realize he was raised Jewish or that he spoke fluent Hebrew! Pretty funny the people you come in contact with.
We took down the entire Pau apartment in one day. Man, we were tired. The proprietor decided that she wanted to sell the four man apartment that the elders in. So, just moved everything out. Kinda crazy. 
I'm finally like half way through doing legality. Oh, pain in the neck. 
Anywho, we made it back home to Lyon Thursday night. The rest of the week we ran errands in Lyon. The mission nurse needed some furniture and one of the mission couples needed stuff. 
Well that was the week. Loves, see ya soon.
Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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