Monday, March 21, 2016

Letter from Grant - March 21, 2016

The week was great, we started this week off by having Elder Christofferson come and speak to our mission. Holy cats that man is amazing. We have been reading Christofferson talks all month in preparation for him. We also were given the goal to have one hundred and eighty seven engages(people with baptismal dates) before he comes. To accomplish our goal Every team of missionaries needed to have two engages. Basically an engage per missionary in our mission. Which is a remarkable thinking that we, as a mission, only baptized one hundred and fifty last year and we had  extra missionaries then. Anywho, we all worked crazy hard and ended up getting two hundred and twenty three! Just incredible, we even found an engage before Christofferson came. His name is Thomas. We found him in the area book. Haven't gotten to know him super well yet but we plan on getting to know eachother better :)

Wednesday we went to Clerment-ferrand to fix some drawers and give the sisters a new chair. After we ran down to Toulouse with the other office elders to take down an old Elders apartment. We moved the Elders down there into an old sisters apartment that was fully furnished. Which means we had to take everything from the old Elders apartment either home, or to the dump. Fortunately, we found enough space in storage for most of it. While we were down in Toulouse we had what is known among missionaries as the "Toulouse K-bob" It was probably the best K-bob I have had on my mission. :) We made it home late Thursday night. Friday we ran some errands for the Mission office and Friday night we taught the Chinese investigators how to make cheese cake! :) It was pretty exciting. 

Saturday, I know I haven't said much yet but I was asked to baptize a Chinese investigator named Tian. That was really cool, she wanted me to baptize her in Chinese so I had one of the Chinese Elders record the Chinese baptismal words on my IPad and during our long drives I would play it back over and over until I had it memorized! Anywho, got it on the first time :) didn't have to baptize her more than once and another one of the Chinese investigators said that I was "quiet understandable" so I guess I can't really ask for much more on that topic :) Anywho, here are pics...
The elders that taught Tian(Zhu an Jensen(Jensen is from Oregon)) and Me
Tian, Me :D, and Lucas
image1.JPGElder Christoffersons We just found it in the parking garage after the Christofferson conference :P
We played Jenga Friday night and Tian took this picture and she thought it was like the funniest thing ever. And no I didn't lose.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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