Sunday, April 3, 2016

trip to India, yes again

 Love these awesome traveling companions! And Sabby for driving us everywhere.  So grateful for a wonderful host, friend, tour guide, volunteer, mother, therapist (group session :), to share her amazing life with us.  Loved that we had more time this trip and tried new foods and places to eat.  We did a slum tour, which they call the 5 start slum because there are businesses in the slum.  It was nicer than other parts of India we have seen, so not too sure I'd call it a slum, but still very tough living conditions.  We helped Heather teach the blind boys swimming lessons, we got to hang out with the migrant kids at the school, we did an awful lot of shopping this time around, hahaha.  Used the post office to mail some postcards.  Good company, fun times, new perspective having Rachel along with us ; ), came home a smidge sick - all part of the India experience (Only Darcy with appreciate that).  Until next year, right?

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