Monday, April 18, 2016

letter from Grant April 18, 2016

Tahitians in France

Well, I had always heard that Tahitians were the most happy incredible
people ever but never really got to experience or really meet any.
Well, not in big groups anyways. This week we promised our ami Mildred
that we would teach her how to make American Cheese cake(abneys thing)
so she just HAD to invite like five other people and make food for
everyone :) we weren't complaining. It is always so much fun teaching
Later this week she invited us to go play volleyball with her and more
Tahitian friends. It was at some gym we had never been to but we went
anyways. Turns out her and all of her other friends were preparing for
a "spectacle" or a performance that they will have next month. So we
played basketball and talked with some of the youth Tahitians there
while watching everyone dance and sew costumes. It was "fun". Didn't
really teach anyone but we met some new people, talked bout jesus,
even shot some hoops.

Moe and Jessica, haven't really had a lesson with them since last week
but we save them at Mildred's cheese cake night and when we played
basketball. Moe is really cool  and open, I am not sure how interested
they are to practice. We really aught to have a solid lesson where we
find out where they are spiritually.

Our investigator Pierre wanted to get out of the house and asked us to
go on a bike ride, so we rented some city bikes and visited some cool
parks and talked about his institute lessons. Still just waiting on
his mom to come so he can get baptized.

We had a sweet moment this week. Well, sweet for us at least. We have
an investigator named Robertine and in a series of unfortunate events
she lost her job, went to Paris, only to get another job back in Pau
but now has to find a new house...Fortunately her new house, that she
just found, will be Much closer to the church meaning we can see
her(because she will no longer live fourty minuets away) and coming to
church will happen more often. She has a baptismal date for the twenty
eight of May :) She is really cool!

Yeah, we had district meeting, we played this sweet game where "Satan"
and the "missionaries" had to baguette battle to the death. It all had
to do with going to church, emphasized missionary work, and it was
really fun :)

Well, there it is, Pau might be a whole lot better than Texas but we
will just have to see.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller


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