Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grant's letter- April 11, 2016

Sent: Monday, April 11, 2016 8:20 AM
Subject: Pau 2 :)

And voila,
So I got to see more of our investigators this week! And even find
some new ones too.

Christian, still going go, we moved his date back to the thirtieth
since the chapel is under construction and the font is blocked, and
two he still has a lot more to learn before we can dip him. He is
really a sweet guy though! He came to church and sat by a bunch of
kids and played with them all sacrament. He participated in gospel
principals class, and we chatted during priesthood session(no, we
didn't bother the lesson mom, all the old guys were arguing over
sticks and stones). We are super happy with the progress Christian is

We saw a Tahitian investigator named Mildred, Mildred is the coolest!
She invited us over and we got to hang out with two other potential
investigators named Moe and J(they are a couple). We ate curry and got
to listen to all the Tahitians. Tahitians make the sun shine holy
guacamole they are so happy! Haha, Moe and J want to play sports with
us(volleyball?) this Saturday and Mildred wants us to teach her how to
make a bomb cheese cake(my comp can sing really well and make
incredible food(and I am going to have the stomach to prove it)) We
didn't really get to teach anything but we made contact with all three
of them and may have gotten another potential from one of their other
friends who was there.

We went on exchange this week(photo 2) after zone conference and I
went with Elder Bleak, my old district leader when I was in the
office. He is Chinese speaking and the best missionary ever! During
zone conference we talked about the speaking French
24/7 and we talked more about our mission goal of having each team of
missionaries in the entire mission baptize once this transfer! It's a
pretty lofty goal but I would be supper happy to see it happen!

Pierre, doing really good, we had a lesson and answered the rest of
his questions. Elder Abney invited him to be baptized and he wasn't
super sure if he wanted to. Read a scripture on not delaying getting
baptized and the member that we had with us talked some sense into
Pierre and now Pierre is just waiting to know which day his mom is
coming home from vacation! So that could be really cool, he has been
meeting with the missionaries for three years so, he is a little over
due, kids read through a couple institute manuals! Haha, knows his

Found a potential less active? Doesn't much speak French if you know
what I'm saying.

Anywho, first photo is our zone using Skype together "woo more like
tech-no-la-G" it took like an hour to set it all up.

The second photo is of me and elder Bleak on exchange eating the
BIGGEST MACAROONS Y'ALL HAVE EVER SEEN! I literally have never in my
year and a half of living in this French country seen Macaroons that
big! They were sSOOo good! Normally macaroons are a little bit bigger
than a quarter but not theses whoppers!

Avec Amor
Elder Keller

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