Monday, April 25, 2016

letter from grant April 25, 2016

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 9:43 AM
Subject: Week in the boonies.

We had a super fun week this week, we started off pretty normal
running errands and doing missionary work but Wednesday we went on
exchange with the zone leaders! ELder bleak and Soro. I went with
Elder Soro up to Bordeux to do missionary work and on the train ride
up to Bordeux we sat next to this couple speaking Spanish to each
other. Well, Elder Soro is actually a Spanish missionary so he jumped
right in and started talking to them! The guy and I started talking
and I found out he was French and on his way up to Paris. They were a
really cool couple! She was from South America and they were going to
get married pretty soon. Well, like normal, while on the train we got
controlled. Meaning police officers check everyone to make sure you
aren't illegal. Well, turns out the South American lady hadnt renewed
her visa for this month because they are going to get married pretty
soon. Unfortunately, after many having been said the controllers
kicked her off the train...and her fiancé didn't even care to get off
with her!!! She spoke like three words in French and he left her
there! Well, we all took our seats, the one next to elder Soro being
empty, and Elder Soro asked if I was hungry. I said I was a little
hungry since it was almost lunch time and the French guy looked at us
both and said "well, I guess I won't need these" and straight up GAVE
us her sandwhichs! Hahaha, Elder Soro and I laughed soooooo hard! It
was a good sandwhich on plus!

While on exchange with Elder Soro we went out to the middle of no
where to eat at a members house and to visit some less actives and a
member who is currently in a hospital which is located in the French
wilderness. It took an hour to buss all the way out there. We walked
up to the hospital gate and walked in onto the property overlooking
the grass and parking lot. A group of people smoking outside all
walked into the building the same time that we walked onto the
property. When we walked into the hospital itself we were greeted by a
small yet fiery lady who looked at our name tags and said " this is a
professional business and we are going to need you to leave" we
stepped outside and explained we had an appointment with a friend who
was here. She went in to confirm and a second lady came out and
started questioning us. The First Lady came back out with our member
friend and apologized for having judged us as Jehovas whittnesses.
Hahaha, we had a great few moments with our member, he just went
through a car accident and is suffering from memory loss. It's cool to
teach him because he keeps going "ooooh YEAH I remember!".

To finish our exchange we went down to Mont de Marsan (where there is
another two elders in our district) and we had a District finding day
with the whole district! It was way cool! We found two families and
four other investigators for the Elders in The Mont. Which is good
because Mont de Marsan is TINY! Like, you have to take at train and
then a bus to get to it because no big trains seem to ever come

Pierre, doing really well, wants to serve a mission after he gets
baptized, still waiting on his mother to come up so that he can hop in
the tub.

Robertine, doing well, missed church but hanging on. Bumped into her
while in ville.

Christian is going to get baptized this week!!!! So fingers crossed
all goes well. He will have his interview Thursday with one of the
zone leaders.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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