Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Happenings 2016

 quick weekend trip to NYC with the beautiful Morgan to see Waitress, American in Paris, Matilda and She Loves Me on Broadway.   Ana went to EFY Provo with Isabelle.  Swimming with cousins,
trying for green hair, bear lake, Tanya came down from Idaho for the weekend, farmington creek walk about and a little fishing.

 Phones, spent the day with Nash (his mom, Tricia, was in charge of stake girls camp!)

 Boys hit the green river, Troy and I attended the spring orchestra concert at the conference center with Stacey and Darren.  The ____ singers from Europe performed and did a wonderful job.  Si and Grant Foster invited us up with some other families to their cabin for dinner and archery.  Ethan and Troy had gone up to the Uintas to backpack with friends and Ethan passed out and fell face fist down a slide of rocks, breaking his jaw.... Lucky for him it seemed to move back into position on it's own and he didn't have to have it wired shut.  He wasn't in pain so we sent him off to EFY Provo with his friends.  Good Times!  The weekend before we found out we were going to be grandparents and that Victor and MJ were going to get married.

 While Ethan was at EFY Troy took the girls backpacking in the Uintas, I stayed as my dad headed to the hospital the night before.  He had pain in his left hand and numbness in his face and was worried he was having a stroke or heart attack, so they kept him overnight.  All cleared up and after a lot of tests and a clean bill of health the next day they let him go home.  I did make a quick trip to Provo to pull Ethan out of EFY to see the oral surgeon in Heber to make sure the jaw was moving back on it's own.  All looked well, so I dropped him back off in Provo.

 Morgan took Hayden out to lunch in the trex the second week of July, then to the 21 Pilots concert.

 Life caught up to me and I had a little melt down so Troy and I took a break from the kiddos and drove out to antelope island.  A couple weeks earlier there had been a fire on the island and a good 1/3 of the island is burned.
For Morgan's 17th birthday she wanted to take friends up to Bear Lake, sounded like they had a wonderful time.  So a day late we celebrated with her and my dad (a few days early, his 70th) their birthdays.  My parent's left on my dads birthday for Puerto Rico with the Flakes.

learning me some early morning hair styles (the rest are on video), for I've been called to teach early morning seminary! 5:45...

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