Tuesday, July 12, 2016

letter from grant - July 12th 2016

Geneve week two

Hello, we only managed to email for a few minuets yesterday due to
scheduling so we are just wrapping emails up today. Anywho, this last
Monday for preparation day the district leader Elder Brady Haug held a
district P-day where we celebrated Fourth of July with a BBQ. It was
pretty sweet, especially because Elder Brady Haug is half German and
half Mexican! He did find us some pretty tasty sausages though.

Ali hasn't really made any progression. We saw him twice this last
week and talked to him about quitting cigarettes but he's pretty
stuck. The worst is that he believes that one day he will stop but
that that day is not any time soon. We are headed over later today to
see what the doctor said about it. He should have gotten his medical
report in by now.

Jamel, we had a picnic with her and her family this last Saturday! It
was really cool to finally meet everyone. She has a baptismal date but
it's in like six months or something. After she turns 18. We were
kinda hoping that once we met her parents that they would be more open
to her getting baptized while she was still 17. Anywho, she is doing

Serge, he should have gotten baptized this last Saturday but we pushed
his date out because his wife is making him second guess everything.
We finally had a lesson with the whole family and not just Serge
alone. So that was sweet, we mainly taught the wife and answered her
questions. One of which was that some one told her that after getting
baptized in our church you have night mares and strange dreams all the
time. Who comes up with this garbage? Haha, anywho, we are praying
that he will be able to make it to church this upcoming week.

Seline and family, Seline is an Italian mom of five kids. They just
walked into the church like half way through one of our lessons
wanting to talk to the bishop. We told her if she came Sunday she
could talk with him. So she came Sunday, the kids made a ton of noise
during sacrament meeting and she talked to the first counselor after
church. Apparently she needs food and something else. It wasn't super
clear what they wanted exactly other than they need help. Then
yesterday the first counselor brought a bunch of non perishable foods
and diapers for her. We kinda taught her about the church. Like half
of a lesson. Anywho, we will have to see if she turns up next Sunday.

Well, voila have a good week!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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