Monday, July 18, 2016

letter from grant - July 18, 2016

So this week was wild. We went to the old part of Geneva for Pday and
looked at some cool old things. Saw the old cathedral and even went
underground where they were excavating.
We had an exchange with some elders and got some good missionary work done.
At the end of Tuesday we had to present in front of the stake leaders.
They were having stake high counsel and we were asked to present on
the missionary work that's happening in the stake. It was super scary
but we talked about some important things that need to get sorted out.
Later that week we had zone finding day which was a blast! We all
exchanged companions for four hours and just went out to different
parts of Geneva and tried to find as many people as possible. It was
fairly effective. Some teams we found playing chess at the park.
Friday we presented in front of four zones. Oh boy, that's scary
stuff. It was good though. Presenting is as about as fun as it is
Saturday we went on exchange with the assistants. That was more
different than I thought it would have been. Good still, I took notes.
We finished our week in Genva and didn't really have any investigators
come to church. It was kinda sad. But I guess when you don't see them
for half the week they don't really feel the need to come. Looking
forward to fixing that for this next week.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for.


Avec  Amour,
Elder Keller

pictures in my letter from his zone conference

 Tia Xan, who Grant baptized a few months ago.  They ran into her on the streets of Lyon while on splits with Elder Huntsman.
 mtc companion
Grant is second row from the front on the far left in this last picture.

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