Monday, July 4, 2016

letter from Grant - July 4, 2016

So we had a solid week. We went on an exchange with the English elders
which happen to be two huge Tahitians that are both learning English
haha! They are sweet. We went and passed some old investigators in the
area book and ended up fixing two appointments for their team even
though they were people from our area book. Pretty funny how things
work out.

So Serge is struggling. His baptismal date is set for this next week
but his wife is Super against him changing. She even got him to not
come to church this week so we called him and talked to him. Looks
like we will be pushing his date off a few weeks. Sigh, women.

Ali is going into the hospital again today actually to get his Final
"big" exam done. Hopefully he does all right. His entire digestive
system is super damaged. Anywho, his daughters(they are recent
converts) are doing just great. The one kinda takes a back seat at
church while the other is super into it and comes to help us teach.

Julian, I met Julian for the first time this last Thursday. She has a
baptismal date as well. Anywho, she also will be in the hospital this
week a cause to viruses. Anywho, she is awesome. Haven't really taught
her yet but apparently she has had all the lessons we are just waiting
until she turns 18 or her mom gives her approval.

This week we had Mission leadership council. That was incredible!
President I just one of the greatest people ever. I loved having him
give us just super helpful and inspired revelation. I felt that it was
more applicable and personal.


Us after the exchange.Avec amour,Elder Keller

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