Thursday, March 6, 2008

Party all the time!

I went on the Kindergarten field trip to the Children's Museum at the Gateway with Ethan today.  Yes, his shirt was set aside in the laundry room because it went through the wash with some chapstick and no, I didn't realize that is what he was wearing until we got to the school.  Nothing uncommon in our household, poor kids.  

Top picture: this was the cute group Suzie and I were in charge of today.  They were a lot of fun... as you can see in the following picture.  They were very proud of the tower they built.  And I had to throw in the picture of Ethan in the jeep with Allyana.  This is the cute girl that he draws pictures for at school and writes (very simple) notes too!  The boy in the back in red is Ethan Tufts, Ethan's best buddy.  

Funny story:  Suzie, Ethan Tuft's mom, has been on bed rest the past three weeks and so we have had Ethan Tuft over to play a few extra times lately so she can rest.  Well, last Monday Ethan Tuft got off the bus at our stop and informed me he was coming over to play.  I told him we didn't plan it and Mondays didn't work because I was running Morgan and Grant to Dance and Guitar after school.  I told him I'd talk to his mom and we'd set up a day to play.  My Ethan then let me know that he and Ethan had set this day up to play and they tried to call me, but there wasn't a phone on the bus!  We took Ethan home.

Tuesday is my day to car pool to kindergarten.  We got to the school and I was helping the girls out of the car when I looked back in to get Ethan and Ethan out and they were gone.  I walked around the car and noticed them hiding in the back.  They had decided if they could sneak back home with me they could play together instead of going to school.  They went to school.

Today, my Ethan went to play at Ethan Tuft's home after the field trip.  I went to pick my Ethan up when I dropped Morgan off at piano (one block away from Tuft's house).  Suzie and I of course chatted for a bit and all her boys were running around the yard with Ethan.  When I went to leave her boys went into the house via the garage.  No one was behind me and so we went home.  I got Ethan and Grant their snack and Ethan wanted a water bottle from the garage I told him no and got him a drink from the tap.  I then sent the boys out to walk Percy.  Ethan wanted to go through the garage.  Again I said no and had them go out the front door so it would be unlocked for Morgan to come home.  After the boys left I got a call from Suzie.  She wanted to know if her Ethan had come home with me.  As I was telling her that he hadn't I walked over and opened the garage door.  Who was standing there in his bare feet?  Ethan Tuft.  I couldn't help but laugh and when he saw it was me opening the door and not Ethan he ran and hid behind the car.  While driving him home he informed me that he was going to hide in the movie room and play star wars lego until bed time and then he was just going to spend the night.  When I got home my Ethan was at the table.  I walked over and ask him if he and Grant came in through the garage.  He got the biggest grin on his face and said, "We never thought it would really work, but it did.  I can't believe it."  Suzie and I are in BIG, BIG trouble! 


Betsy said...

Oh, I love it! Those cute, cute sneaky boys! What a fun memory to write down. We used to do this to my mom all of the time and sneak friends into our car, but we'd be giggling too much that she knew that something was up. I don't think we ever made it all the way home. Kudos to your Ethans! You're going to have to do full car screening checks before driving home! (I love that there was no phone on the bus. . .)

JTCheneyClan said...

That is hilarious. By the way, Grayce and Ethan aren't allowed to play together anymore. hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a good thing we moved. I couldn't stop laughing. You definitly need to keep writing these down. Great entertainment.