Sunday, August 3, 2008

High School Reunion

Twenty years. Yikes!

Here were some of the the things people said to me:

"You haven't changed a bit!" (It was a bit dark in the room, true, but it was said enough times I'll still take it for what I can)

"Troy Keller? Sorry, your name doesn't ring a bell." (Ouch--I wasn't the most popular, but I did think people generally knew me..)

"I know our paths didn't cross a lot in High School, but I love you man." (This fellow had quite a few under his belt by this time)

"Your wife is beautiful." (This was said a couple times after I pointed her out from across the room. I didn't tell Carlin this because I didn't want it to go to her head.)

It was of course a lot of fun to see people. The best part was catching up with some close friends I hadn't had time to chat with in a while, like Pat McDaniels, John Karren, Greg Jones and Mike Whipple. A lot of other folks whom I like a lot but hadn't seen in the full 20 years were another highlight. I even got to know a few people I hadn't known all that well in High School, so an added bonus. It was a lot of socializing for someone like me, but it was great and I'm glad we went. Carlin even had a good time, mostly talking with DaNell (wife of Greg Jones) whom she knew from BYU days. We stayed to the bitter end, though I confess that was largely due to having agreed to give John a ride home, and he is on a level of sociality that I couldn't hit standing on a ladder. Oh, the best/worst part was the slide show displaying photos of people and what they've been up to. Not a lot of people contributed, but Carlin had sent several of me fishing or on business trips or with the kids, and they included basically all of them! So most of the night, if I glanced up there was a good chance of seeing my mug up there.

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Carlin said...

because it was such a handsome mug!