Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lagoon Again?

So we ran into the Whipple's at Lagoon Thursday and decided to hang out with them again, at Lagoon, on Friday.  Fun, Fun and more Fun.  
"You're going down".  Love the Bumper cars.
More, more, more Tilt-A-Whirl.
I've tried to get Morgan on the Fire Dragon or Wicked all summer and she didn't want to, but as soon as a friend asks her, she goes!  Ethan and friend are in the 2nd seat, Morgan and friend are in 3rd seat and Grant and Mike are in the 4th seat.  What a ride.
Morgan seemed to enjoy the ride.
Boy's getting ready to fly high on the swings.
More Rattle Snake Rapids?  Before and After, again.
It doesn't look like much water, but I was once again soaked from head to toe!  About lost my levi shorts, they were so heavy with water.  Ha, ha, ha.

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