Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keller Family Reunion at McCall

Ruger almost drowning (not a highlight), but he just loved the water (only with out a floating device)
Troy chilling with the only niece/nephew that isn't afraid of him, your awesome Suzie... granted she does think he is Klint.
Turning Kate into a sand mermaid
Jumping off the dock and swimming to the beach
making crafts with Aunt Tiffy
Catching minnows at Payette Lake
Riding in the boat with Troy's beautiful wife 
Riding the taco
Falling off the taco
Trying to drown McCall at the pool

As you can see we had a great trip up to McCall this year.  It's sad that the cousins are all growing up, but it makes for a pleasant vacation.  Less arguing and chasing going on, so more visiting among the moms and dads.  Grandpa, as usual, made tons of food for the tons of people who showed up.  This year we even had a family picture taken and for the most part everyone was smiling with their eyes open and they turned out great.  Grant was kneeling for a little to long and passed out, but he got through it like a champ.  
Our only scare this year was Ruger doing the dead mans float in the pool.  Grant had been sitting by Ruger, because I kept telling Tiff to let him play in the water, but Grant swam away because Ruger was throwing the foot ball to the boys swimming in the water.  Ruger threw the ball and then he kept falling forward, face first into the water (it was one of those slow motion moments).  I yelled for Grant, but he was throwing the ball to Calvin.  So I threw my camera at Klint and jumped, not very gracefully, into the pool and grabbed Ruger.  He took a couple deep breathes, coughed a little and was just fine.  I don't think he even knew what happened... sorry Tiff.
Other than that... it was great all the cousins got a long well.  Everyone in our condo (well at least my family) played hard and slept well.  Thanks Kellers and Brett and Marcie for having a condo in such a great location, with all the toys to go with it.  Makes for a fun family reunion.

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Tiffany said...

I'm just glad it's all over with...the near death experience that is! I love my Ruger too much! It was a great reunion! I"m glad there was no drama to hold us back!