Friday, September 5, 2008

Cold Season

Morgan came home from school Wednesday with a runny nose, which usually happens the first week of school.  So I was thrilled that we made it through two weeks before our first cold made it through the door.   I've been having us all drink airborn, which only Morgan hates, to try and keep the rest of us from getting sick and maybe nip it in the bud for Morgan.  

This morning Morgan was lingering downstairs and being slower than usual with the hopes that I wouldn't make her drink the airborn and so I wouldn't find out she had a cough and keep her home from school!  Grant or Ethan would fake a cough if they thought it would keep them home from school every now and then.  Needless to say I let her go to school with her cough, her teacher is going to hate me, but it's one of those fights I have to keep for when she's really sick.  Do I warn her teacher that even with her adenoids out and tubes in her ears she tends to have a runny nose all school year long and will still get at least one ear infection during the year?  

I think these are the two things she inherited from me.  Can't miss school, although mine was strictly out of fear and hers is more for social reasons and having a terrible immune system.  Oh, she also inherited my allergies poor kid.  Otherwise I think she is Keller through and through.   It is sort of funny that people think she looks like me until they see or meet Troy and then they say how much she looks like Troy!  It makes me laugh because I don't think she looks at all like me.
Well here's to another school year, wish us luck!

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