Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picking Dad up from the Hangar

What a fun Friday I had.  With the kids off to school I talked a friend into going and seeing Mama Mia with me.  I hadn't seen the movie version yet and obviously everyone else has, because when we got to the theater (12:25 showing) it was completely empty.  We had the whole theater to ourselves.  I'm thinking I might have to go to a noon shwing more often!  Suzie was saved, right after the film started two other women came in.  I told her if it had just been us I would have danced and sang through the entire thing.  I love all the Abba songs in the show.  My childhood friend Becky and I used to dance to Abba in her family room with the dusters all the time!  Love it.

I met the kids off the bus and Grant went to Simon's to play and Madison came to play with Morgan, so Ethan was feeling totally bummed that none of his friends were around to play.  After a bit he took some popcorn over to our neighbor Cassy and played with her.  Finally we got everyone rounded up and headed off to pick up Troy from the HANGAR.  He got to fly home on the Corporate Jet instead of his planed flight Saturday morning, Yeah!  So he came out and asked the kids if they would like to see the jet.  Of course they were all filthy and barefoot after playing out side all afternoon, but Troy said it was ok.  So we went on a little tour of the corporate jet and no, Troy can not stand up in the plane at any given point, but it is longer than I thought it would be, but also a little narrower than I thought it would be.  There is one comfy, padded, swivel chair at each window and a separate room with chairs and a bed for the Chairman.  We met the pilot and saw where the snacks were kept.  I think Ethan enjoyed it the very most.  He had a lot of questions about the plane for Troy after we left.  The pictures were all taken with my new iPhone, which doesn't have a flash so they are a little dark.  The first picture we are in the plane, then coming out of the plane and the last picture is the plane President Monson flies in parked on the other side of the hanger.  I was amazed at how big and clean the hangar was, it didn't look so big from the outside.  Very cool.  

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