Sunday, October 25, 2009

cross country

Grant and his running buddy. Tanya really wanted to run so we signed her up for cross country at the Jr. High School, she went once and said she didn't like it. So we thought if Grant did it she might want to continue trying (she is always asking us if she can just go run). Well, Grant ended up running on the cross country team and we couldn't get Tanya to stay and try again.

His first two mile he ran in 18 min and 56 seconds. In the past eight weeks his time has come down to 14 min and 53 seconds. I think that is really awesome! I've been so impressed. They won their meet last Thursday, Grant came in 9th out of 19 kids, and 6th on his team. Last week he was 5th on the team, they only take the top 5 fastest runners times. Very exciting and he says he enjoys it. I think he is hoping that it will be good training for basket ball tryouts. Growing this summer also helped, he's a lot lighter on his feet this year.

So it looks like they'll have a few more meets since they won Thursday. Great Job!!


California Garners said...

Great job Grant! Your house is built on old dirt trails I used to train on in the hills when I ran cross country. I wish our middle school had cross country (or track.)

leslieredhead said...

Way to go Grant!