Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Red Ant

All the 5th grade classes were split up today to pick and perform one of the Indian stories they have been learning this term. Morgan and Victor were both in Little Red Ant. They did a great job. Morgan was the Little red ant and Victor was fire and an arrow. They did a great job. The kids recorded their performances and will cut and paste the scenes to make them into short movies. They all did an awesome job! Victor even got some of his lines down without reading from the script, Morgan had all of hers memorized except for the last one. They had to do a couple takes to get that one down. Good job guys!

Mom giving directions to the star and she not agreeing with my idea..

After they filmed them, each group performed them on the stage at the park. Funny to see them run through it from start to finish in one place.

Opps, it's called The Strongest One, not the Little Red Ant. It is about a little red ant who goes out to find out who/what is the strongest thing in the world. She learns everyone has strengths.

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samsthree said...

Idid that play to mogin Isabelle