Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Week

Last week Morgan wrote a play about a Chinese princess and put on the performance in the basement. Ana and Ethan put together a break dance routine for the opening act. Both were very well done and super creative.

Yeah for Ana. She was nice to her reading teacher all week so I didn't have to stay for reading class on Friday! She got a cookie in her lunch for that!

Ms. Lee's second grade class raised the most money the other week for the Shropshire Foundation so they got to have a rock band party on Friday! The band played some rock songs and did a great job, very loud I could hear it clear down to the 2nd grade class rooms. Then they let the kids play on all of the instruments. I think all of the kids LOVED that.

A couple weeks ago Tanya said she'd like to play volley ball with the YW on Saturday. She was excited until Saturday came and it took us 30 minutes to get her out the door. But once they started playing she liked it and was excited to go this Saturday. Yeah something she likes to do! Too bad there is only one more week of games.


Lobos Family said...

It looks like your kids do a lot of fun stuff at their school - very creative stuff.

Charrisse and Bob said...

It took us a year to get Nadiya to play volleyball with the YW. She played this year and loved it. We did get Sara out on the floor for the last game so we wouldn't have to forfeit. She loved it to. So hopefully next year they will both play. You just never know with these kids.