Tuesday, October 19, 2010

St. George weekend

Tanya and Ana had the best weekend of their lives sleeping over at a friends home during the UEA weekend. Troy was out of the country, so I decided to pack up the rest of the kids and go to St. George. Grant wanted to go on some bike rides with a friend and stayed behind, so we ended up bringing along a friend for each of the kids. It was nice relaxing weekend. I had no plans other than what to cook for dinner and the kids entertained themselves for the most part. A little more DS playing than usual, but I was able to get a little movie watching, napping, temple going in! Couldn't have done it at home...

So here are the kids after they caught a few lizards. Every time we go down they love trying to catch lizards and chase the jack rabbits at night. My parents have a place in Washington, out side of St. George, so there is lots of room to explore and chase things. Very exciting. Victor does make me laugh. He's the most serious about catching creatures, but once he has them he wants nothing to do with them (except cook and eat them, which I haven't given into!). So the lizards were all over all of us and Victor kept his distance.

They were beautiful lizards. Brown with blue and white spots. Friday we took a tour of Brigham Young's home and went to a little festival in the park by the tabernacle. The kids were fascinated with this horn this man had carved out of some kind of gourd or tree in Australia.

Brigham Young's Winter Home

The kitchen and laundry and bathing room. Victor wanted to know if the Gingerbread men were real and if he could eat them. Stumped the poor tour guide for a moment.

The garden with cotton, grapes and a fig tree.

Pomegranate trees! They were almost ripe too, so anyone going down in a few weeks go see if you can get a pomegranate from the tree, yummy.

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standfortruth said...

So fun! Looks like you had a great break. Our kids are lizard lovers too. It is not hereditary :)