Monday, October 4, 2010

Tanya and Grant are running cross country and doing really well. Last week Grant came in third and ran his 2 miles in 11 min 22 sec!

Tanya came in first in the girls race last week. Running her 2 miles in 12 min 20 sec. Go Tanya!

A few weeks back we attended the stake fair and I just found the pictures on my phone.

One of our favorite Morgan's : ) is painting Ana's face so she will look like a lion!

Victor was turned into a killer shark.
Ethan has a lizard crawling on him.

Just the leaves changing when I drove home from Logan a few weekends ago... now the hills by us are full of color.

My sweet neighbor showed a few of us how to make this super yummy, and spicy, green enchilada sauce. Mmmmmm.


California Garners said...

Share the spicy green enchilada sauce recipe please!

Diana said...

You were in Logan and you didn't say "hi"? *sniff* :.( Oh well. Hope things are going well for you. I decided to start early this time around. I posted the details for the 2011 retreat yesterday. Already have the house reserved! Hope to see you there again!