Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week in Review

So this afternoon we had our Charter School State finals for Cross Country. Grant took 6th overall in the boys meet and Tanya took 4th over all in the girls meet. We didn't have enough girls on the team to qualify for state but the boys team came in 3rd place!
We loved having Grandma and Grandpa, some cousins and friends at the race to cheer the kids on! Thanks for the support!

Over the weekend Troy's brother Brady, was in town with his cute girls. This was a quick picture Sunday morning before they left. All the girls had a great time playing together.

Thursday night Morgan and Victor had their orchastra and band concerts. They were awesome. As per Morgan's life... she left her viola on the bus that morning and of course a different bus driver drove the kids home in a different bus. We called all around and couldn't find her instrument. With tears in her eyes she gave up, but smiled and said she'd just take the bad grade this semester and do better next time. I had to take Grant to the orthodontist and left her not sure if I should worry or not. I ran into a friend at the office and shared our drama, she of course had a daughter who was no longer playing viola and we were able to borrow her insturment. We stopped and picked it up and got the kids to the school with just enough time for her teacher to tune the borrowed viola. And of course hers was still on the bus where she left it. Its good she takes lifes bumps so well, because she seems to run over more than the rest of the family.

Cute Victor getting ready to play his trombone. He's picked it up really well and quickly and he's good about practicing during the week. We've been very proud of how well he has done.
Below is a clip of Ethan practicing before his first basket ball game. I was supposed to take pictures and instead met and visited with the other parents on the bleachers. He played well and scored 4 baskets (8 points, as he tells everyone). Good Job Buddy!


Carol said...

Wow! You guys have been BUSY! The kids look like they are finding their niche. Morgan is one tough cookie. My girls would have had a meltdown. :)

Betsy said...

I love Morgan. She is an incredible little girl. (young lady!) Carlin, you're awesome.

samsthree said...

good week, wish we were there to see you play Isabelle would love it Morgan. She was so excited to start the viola and now is more excited that you play it too.