Friday, October 29, 2010

trunk or treat

Victor was a zombie football player and Troy and I dressed up since we were in charge of the event, and went as Frankenstiens. It had been a beautiful day all day, even though the news said we would get snow during the day. But no it was beautiful. So we went ahead and set everything up out side for the trunk or treat and as soon as we were finished this huge cloud rolled toward us and right at 6:30 as people were arriving a crazy wind kicked up and it began to snow. It was a mini blizzard around us and we held onto our hot chocolate cups and all snuggled around the heat lamps Troy had picked up "just in case". Good thing because it got cold fast. We still had around 300 people attend from the neighborhood! It is a big activity every year. Now we know even in a blizzard kids will come for candy (and to wear their costumes). A couple parents complained, but we never heard anything from the kids, so I think everyone had a great time.

Morgan was a turquoise crayon, Tanya was a cat, Ana a snowflake princess, Ethan was Darth Vader and Grant was along for the ride. We had a black light in the car so all th white glowed and handed out glow sticks (100) which we quickly ran out of! Fun times. Need to remember to get more next year.

This was the undoing of Frankenstien!
The removal of the bolts! Ouch!

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Rita said...

You two are terrible!!! You should have painted your ears green too. You are both crazy, but I guess you know that. xoxo