Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

 Friday night Troy had invited a few friends over to my parents to give me a sort of surprise dinner.  It was a lovely evening and Troy was just amazing in the set up and cooking of a variety of sliders!  It was so sweet and I was so impressed that he did this for me, mostly that he took the time to plan it and execute it so well.  And of course it was wonderful to sit and visit with friends.  You are awesome babe and did a great job.  Thanks for a great night!

 Funny story: My mom had asked a neighbor to make a cake for the evening, some chocolate strawberry cake that is to die for and she forgot.  So they ran to the store for this lovely white cake.  Sunday she brought the forgotten cake over to my moms so we had it on my birthday and YES, mmmm it was so delicious!  So glad she still made it!

Morgan made me this apron for my birthday, isn't it so darling?!?! She is doing so well on the sewing machine and it's so great to see her get so excited to make things for people. 

 The to die for cake :)

Of course a little drama over the birthday weekend...  Ana sprayed water at Tanya while they were washing my Suburban and so Tanya hit her in the face and gave her a little shiner, it was about gone this morning, we put a little make up over it before church and you can hardly see it (under right eye in the picture, Ana's left eye). 

Troy left this morning with the boys to go fishing in Alaska with his mom and dad this week (yes, crazy, they are missing the second week of school - I'm hoping we all survive).  So I've been a bit stressed this week with back to school, mixed up classes and teachers, over scheduled appointments to pick things for the house - just too excited to have the kids back in school, scheduling lots of Dr. appointments and getting Troy and the boys off.  I did have a little melt down this morning and yelled at everyone left home, while they were trying to make me my birthday breakfast!  Really bad move on my part but it was related to some past birthday trauma after the kids were adopted, still bad move.  So before 7:30am 3 of us were in tears and thank Heaven for Ana, she just gave me hugs and asked me if I could do her hair.  It just snapped me out of it and got us back on track.  So after multiple "I'm sorry" and explanations I think all is well, at least everyone went to bed happy and peace has been restored to the house :)  Phew, one more year behind me!


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Betsy said...

I thought about you all day, but of course like a lame-o, never called. How fun for Troy to surprise you!! Hope it was happy (in the end)! ;) love you.

samsthree said...

That was really sweet of Troy, love the cake. It makes me want a bite. Happy 39th!