Thursday, February 16, 2012

My "got suckered" moments this month

 Ethan had all A's last term and thought that deserved some ice cream, so when the boys lost their first Jr. Jazz basketball game, which I had coached - due to Troy being out of town- even though I was the one to make him coach because no one else signed up to and I don't like not knowing what is going on with all of the kids extra ciricular activities... ok so you can feel a smidge sorry for Troy, but more for me because it's hard to sub 9 boys to get equal play time and still keep the team spirits up and tell them what to do (well, they sort of just play no matter what I told them so that was the easy part).  So to cheer Ethan up I offered at 9 o'clock at night to get some ice cream.  I'm such a sucker. 
 Taking Percy to get his hair cut.  Our crazy dog thinks he rules the window buttons.  At first we thought it was a fluke, but no he paws at the side of the door until the windows roll down.  If I lock them so they can't roll down, because its cold out side, he now sits and wimpers in the seat like he is crying.  So again I'm a sucker and just turn up the heat as he runs back and forth from window to window sticking his head out.  You would think it would freeze his nose and he'd behave but no... and yes he has jumped out of the suburban window before so I can't let him roll the windows down all the way! Crazy dog.

I had to convince Ana into going to WX's production of Grease.  Morgan, Grant and I wanted to go.  Ethan wanted to go but had basket ball and so Tanya and Victor opted to go to basket ball practice with Ethan and Troy.  Ana wanted to go with Troy too, but he can't watch her and coach too, so I offered to buy treats so Ana would pick to go with me.  Hmm I think I may have been suckered in once again...  I guess it's a good thing I don't mind being manipulated by my cute kids (most of the time).  And Ana loved it because she got to dance in the aisles with some of the cast. 


standfortruth said...

You are not a sucker, you are just nice. You and Amy Rast are rubbing off on each other. :)

samsthree said...

I think you are just being nice too. We all do it. And besides who doesn't love a little yummy time with the kids? and the dog. LOL