Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brian Regan

For Christmas we gave the boys Brian Regan tickets.  Troy was off fishing in Argentina, so I had a fun boys night out with my boys.  No I don't have four, we invited one of Grant's friends to join us since Troy couldn't make it.  We had a huge snow storm hit that night (two Sat. ago).  Took me 25 minutes to get Ethan to basket ball practice about 10-12 min. away.  So I was running a bit late and then I parked in the new City Creek parking and we walked out the wrong side.  I'm still laughing, we were 40 minutes late meeting friends at the Blue Lemon, yummy.  We got there as they were finishing.  Stood in line 30 minutes to order and ate in 15 and made it into out seats with 20 seconds to show time.  Whew!  The comedian who opened for Brian was hilarious and then Brian was better than watching him on youtube.  It went by too quickly.  Fun, snowy night.