Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Grant had his Eagle Court of Honor tonight.  It went really well and was a really good night.  Grant and Nate each talked about a memorable scouting event and the dads spoke for a minute about Grant and Nate.  They recieved their pins and were welcomed into the Eagles nest.  Their past and present Scout/YM leaders spoke and read a bit about becoming an Eagle.  Then we watched slide shows of their projects, both very nice and thoughtful projects.  Grant made the blankets he sent to Anya to deliever to orphanages in the Ukraine.  Nate made carnival games for the Austism Fair, super cute.  Both boys have a heart of gold and wonderful spirits.  We then had an ice cream bar with Texas Sheet Cake and Aly's Almond Sheet Cake.  Super Yummy!  Great night in honor of our boys!

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samsthree said...

Congrats Grant! Look how tall he is, I can't believe it and Carlin you look fantastic!