Wednesday, February 1, 2012

jazz game & track

z Pictures of the bear doing crazy stuff.  We took David and his wife to a Jazz game last week.  They are at BYU and hadn't been to a game.  We played the Toronto Raptures and heard it was going to be a blow out.  Half time Jazz had a 19 pt lead,the second half was neck and neck and Jazz lost in a double over time.  Sad for the Jazz, but it made for an exciting game!

 Last Saturday, Jan 28, Grant ran his second 800 meter at the Olympic Oval, that was fun to see. Cold with the three rinks in the middle of the track!  Grant shaved 3 seconds off last weeks time, he was a little disappointed, but has been pushing himself a bit this week.  So not all bad.

 Visiting teaching this week turned into a tour of the house, it was fun to see it all sheet rocked.  Grant is on cleaning duty and made a happy face under the stairs.


California Garners said...

Wow, neat to have a track in an ice rink. Too bad we missed the big snow storms. I can't wait to see your house on our next trip there!

samsthree said...

Wish we could you grant run. I know Austin would love it.
Love that the house getting done, it looks so different. So happy for you!