Thursday, February 2, 2012

Return from Argentina

 Troy arrived home safe and sound last Sunday laden with gifts from Argentina.  Ethan had been asking for bolos and here is Troy showing him how to work them.  Yes, troy is also on the TV holding a beautiful brown.
 Victor got a whip, Morgan the cute skirt, Ana a leather designed purse and Tanya a silver braclet.  Grant recieved a cool leather belt and some rancher pants... forgot what they were called.  They fit him perfectly, just a little unstylish with the snaps at the bottoms.  Reminded me of knicker and goucho days in Jr. High, hahaha.

 Truco cards for all of the boys and they didn't miss a beat and played a game 10 minutes later.  The girls all got shoes that Troy said they've worn forever down there - even back in his mission days... they look exactly like Toms, hmmm.

 My beautiful sweater and Troy got himself some more Mate cups and straws.

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samsthree said...

great gifts, but even better to have dad home.