Monday, March 19, 2012

grant bday

 grant got his license on his birthday, but since Troy was out of town we waited until Saturday to celebrate.  And because he is saving to go on a trip to Europe this summer he is working and saving his pennies we just had a silly bday party for him Saturday afternoon.  We donated a few dollars toward his trip and gave him a bag full of travel supplies.  Morgan got him a blow up tie!  She has been dieing to buy one as a gift for someone, lucky Grant!  We got him sparkler candles that don't really blow out, awesome.  And turned the movie room into a balloon like pinata.  With prizes in the balloons.  Taking a risk in someone getting an eye poked out we gave each child a pin and a bag and let them jump in.  Grant ended up with a few friends coming over and they dove right in with the rest of the little kids!  The cool prizes were in helium balloons without strings that had floated to the ceiling.  Good thing all these boys are 6'1"-6'3"! Crazy.  Happy Birthday to my sweet little Grant! Love you.


Wendy said... will love him having a license! At first it's nerve wracking but then to have a 3rd driver and one that can get himself and siblings places! Heaven!

samsthree said...

Happy 16th Grant! Europe, wow can I come too? Well maybe not this year with the baby. Love you guys.