Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 7th

Grant turned 16 last week!  So after getting all the kids off to school we skipped out on Seminary, I know, and headed to the DMV to get his license.  We walked in, they looked up his information - submitted by his drivers ed teacher, took his picture, paid 30$ and he had his temporary license.

 So we returned home so that he could drive the little blue car to school, there goes my baby driving away from me, off into the big world.  He texted me that he arrived at the school safe and sound.  Then he texted me later that he took himself to lunch and made it to and from Subway in one piece - we had said no driving to lunch...  freedom and 16.

Other exciting news.  A neighbor boy convinced Victor to join the Jr. High wrestling team!  His first week of wrestling was the half way through the season and two weeks into matches.  But Victor has won all of his matches and last week he wrestled on varsity and won his first Varsity match!  Very exciting.  In fact he came home all deflated that on thursday there was no one in his division to wrestle so he didn't have a match to wrestle in.  Yippee that he may have found something that is just his and he is really good at!  This picture is with his wrestling shoes and the days they have matches the boys are suppose to dress up.  Wow looking good.

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samsthree said...

We were just talking with Mom and Dad when they were out here out baby Grant and when you lived in New York. That cute little boy has grown up. I think this one is just as cute though. So embarrassing your aunt telling you your cute. We still have some girls out here that liked Grant!

Great job Victor. That is awesome!