Monday, March 5, 2012

first of march

 Grant's birthday is during the first week of March and we always seem to get snow right before or on his birthday every year.  It looks like it came before this year.  I know these clouds don't look dark and evil, but the sky kept getting darker as they rolled in over us.  It has been one thing that I have liked about living on the side of the mountain is watching all of the storms roll in and over us.  Some have been pretty intense.  This was just blowing in and brought a bunch of snow with it.

 The wind was worse than the snow at first.  This was 15 minutes after the cloud pictures, Ana was shoveling the stairs for Percy.  Below is 15 minutes later.  She took a paper cup out and started making little snow cups/people.  Funny stuff.

 The next day we got more snow while the kids were at school and so they came home Friday and headed straight out to the golf course for some sledding.  Great snow, they had a great time. 

So I got the flu last weekend and for some reason mine lingered on half of the week.  Grant got it Monday stayed home Tuesday.  Morgan got it Thursday stayed home friday.  Ethan got it Friday after sledding he came home and threw up... all night, poor guy.  Victor had the mildest case Saturday.  I think part of it was he told me he had never thrown up before and he was terrified too, so I think he some how held it all down.  But pale, clammy and feverish all Saturday.  Sunday everyone seemed fine, kept the boys home just in case and sent Troy out of town with our fingers crossed he doesn't catch it!

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samsthree said...

I love watching a storm blow in. You do have a fantastic view. Fun sledding. We haven't been able to do that this year.
Sorry to hear about the flu. Glad the kids were done with it quickly. You, sorry it lingered. That sounds like Olivia, she had it for almost a week.