Monday, March 5, 2012


 Friday night Morgan and I attended the Symphony at Abravanel Hall.  They had a viola (Morgans instrument) soloist, Brant Baylist, playing that night and he performed beautifully!  I hadn't heard a viola played like that before, amazing.  And now so much more for Morgan to accel towards in music.  He played a piece called A String Around Autumn, by Toru Takemitsu, and it was so wonderful and visual, he did marvelous.  It was the highlight, until he came and sat right behind us!  I tried to get Morgan to talk to him, or ask for a picture with him, but our very social daughter became very shy, so I'm sure Mr. Baylist thought we were a bit immature and strange, giggly girls.  The Utah Symphony was wonderful all evening.  Morgan was excited to go to hear Brahms as he is one of her favorite composers.  We attended with friends and had a superb evening.


samsthree said...

That sounds like a great night.

standfortruth said...

Beautiful pictures!