Saturday, March 31, 2012

More of last week

 Victor after pinning his wrestling opponent.  Hasn't lost a match yet.  Last Friday Ethan had his pine wood derby contest.  His cool all red car came in 4th.

 The cool wrestling uniform...

One of our favorite Argentine visitors came back for another visit!  Debi spent the week end and part of this week with us.  We just love having her happy spirit come and visit.  She shared Ana's room, I think without a pillow! So sorry if that was the case Debi, we have tons down stairs.  Next time...  The kids taught her to play killer bunnies,

 Brotherly love,
 Learning to make Lemon merange pie with Debi,
 Morgan taught Ana and Savannah some swing dance moves,

 Debi went to a friends with me and we made some super yummy Italian lasagna and then Debi made her yummy pies... good dinner.

Troy took Grant, Morgan and Debi at 5:30 am to do baptisms at the temple Tuesday - Victor and Tanya had expired recommends...  next time.

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samsthree said...

love to see the kids activities. miss them. I remember Debi! When I think of them I think of the train ride and them wanting to hold Olivia. I have pictures of it. Good memories!