Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally a letter from Grant - guess Tuesdays are his p day.

  I guess Elder Keller's p day is Tuesday.  We finally received a letter from him.  I wasn't sure if I should edit the info about his companion, so read it knowing that he does like him and Elder B is probably writing home saying I got stuck with some crazy kid who wants to run 5 miles every day and doesn't keep a tidy room : ).   Also, I think it will be good for Grant to learn to be a little more compassionate and organized.  They learn better from peers than parents, right?
   If you don't want these letters or need them sent to a different address please reply just to me, not the whole group.  Thanks so much.  It was so good to hear from him and feel free to drop him a note.

grant.keller@myldsmail.net  (his weekly email) or dearelder.com  he is in unit 105, France Lyon Mission, departure date of Nov 10th.


  So hugging mom and dad for the last time got me crying a little, but I'm doing great.
 After I got all of my materials and sat down in class Wednesday our french teacher came in and just started speaking French. He was crazy. So far he has said three English words and I have had class with him for almost 8 hours a day.
 After that I got to meet my collegue missionair (companion)! His name is Elder B, he is a triplet! He has forgotten his key card 4 times and lost his room key twice (he doesn't know where it is right now). Overall I like him. He has a testimony and understands the scriptures.  He is deathly allergic to ALL nuts, he can not have any melons, there are three fruits he can eat, he is allergic to grass, trees, most plants, and any animal even if it doesn't shed. The only pet he has ever had was a bat and his sister killed it with a rock only a week after he got it. His dad is in the army/airforce and so he has lived in 14 different states and 2 countries. He runs our room like an army camp. He marks off when we do our chores and how well we do them, he also takes 10 minuets each day to transfer the mission schedule over to his note pad. He really is a loving person, but It does bother me a little that he hates running!  This weekend he got a virus in his lungs and so we missed a session of conference while we were at the hospital. 
    Conference was the most fantastic experience! We got to watch the conference sessions in the gym where the MTC had two MASSIVE projectors set up to display it on the wall. I have no idea who gave the best talk they were
 all fantastic!!
    The other companionship in our room are elders Sm and Sw. Sm is from Texas and is a very cool missionary! He has an awesome testimony that fills the room with the spirit even through his thick Texan accent! Sw is kinda shy. I didn't realize how much slang I have picked up from Josh, Hunter, Matt, Ben, Jeff, and Jacob. I said HAAAAMARABI! and I just got blank stares. Elder Sm however has listened to a lot of music that I have and we make weird music jokes. Often he just quotes rap songs from Drake or Weezy. I really do like my Missionary Colleagues. Besides their quirks they are good people and just want to serve! And they aren't as crazy as some of the other missionaries in our zone. :) For instance the Australians! whenever we are outside they yell  "AUZIE AUZIE AUZIE" and other Australians on campus will answer their call. The British guys sang how much wood could a wood chuck chuck in the shower today and quoted monty python and to hear it in a British accent is pretty hilarious!
    French is coming along nicely! I am learning slowly and day three we had to give a thirty minute lesson in French. My incredibly broken french some how got us by; I have however memorized the Joseph Smith first vision and the missionary motto along with some powerful sentences. Our investigator asked us a question about the priesthood and how the prophet receives revelation so we get to explain that to her tomorrow! Our district is nice. Two of the missionaries have taken 3-4 years of French and one sister lived in France for a year. The rest of us had never heard French spoken before :) I Love being in the MTC and just enjoy working. Life is simple and yet super High Stress. We really don't have a lot of free time to think and do other things! And when we are given study time we are expected to study French. Its funny though because our zone leader interrupts us and flirts with the sisters in our district and it is REALLY annoying! He even sang them a song acapella the other day. Great Stuff. I really do enjoy being here! I love the letters that I have received from home and the package! They brighten my day and take some of the stress off :) Until next Tuesday!

    Elder Keller.

I don't know why half of the letter is centered in the middle, it won't let me change it.  So here it is.