Wednesday, October 1, 2014


 Had to throw this picture in from last week when Grant went fishing with Troy and his brothers.  Grant loved spending time with his Grandpa and uncles.  And as he shared in his sacrament talk he had the opportunity to share the first discussion with one of the guides that was helping them.  What a great experiences before heading out into the mission field.  Thanks Grandpa K for giving him the opportunity to teach.  Loved it.

 The morning before leaving the kids all said their good-byes and gave him hugs.  He then changed and went on a last run with his friend Jacob who was also going into the MTC in the afternoon.  He showered and changed back into the suit and we headed down to Provo.  We stopped for some euros and lunch.  Took a few pictures out side the MTC and then dropped him off on the curb.  I couldn't believe the amount of cars and people that wrapped around the building to drop missionaries off.  We have been so excited for Grant and his decision to serve a mission, but it was still very tender to watch him walk away.  It takes a little piece of your heart, even though we know what a great missionary he will be.

So we decided to drive up the canyon after we dropped him off and we headed up through Aspen Grove and it began to snow on us.  Crazy, snow on Oct 1.  It was beautiful falling among all of the yellow aspens.  So I had to take some pictures it was so lovely.  Grant would appreciate a couple of these shots even if I took them with my auto focus instead of manual : )  Good Luck Grant on your next two years.  Stay close to the Savior and you will do much good.  Love you dearly.

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