Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 4 - mission letter pics

The Zone
French speaking missionaries heading to Montreal & one to DC.
Grant and Alec up and Grant and Jeff below.

Grant and Eric up and Grant and Davis below.  The MTC seems more like a social hang out for Grant than a place of learning : ).  Both Jeff and Davis are off to their missions now, hope they arrived safely!

The bench where Elder Keller and Elder B met Z.  I think it's cute that he took a picture and sent it to us.  Hope they were able to meet with him today and share the gospel.  So awesome.

I am SOOO EXCITED! So we found our first investigator and gave him a book of Mormon! But I am getting a head of myself; a little background. The church pays BYU students that are not Mormon to hang out at the MTC on park benches and if missionaries want they can go sit down and talk to them! To make them easily identifiable they give them a gold missionary tag with their first name on it. They are real investigators and Elder Brill and I made contact with our first one Saturday!

His name is Z! He is from Florida and is going to BYU because it is much cheaper than the other collages. He is Atheist but his father was Catholic so he has a basic understanding of the Bible.
So Elder B and I were walking to class when I pointed him out, he was sitting on a park bench, and said "Hey do you want to go and talk to the gold tag?" Elder B looked at me like the crazy person that I am and sighed. I jogged over to him and said "Hi my name is Elder Grant and this is my colleague Elder B."

 He looked up from his phone a bit startled and greeted us. We talked for a little bit and learned he was going to BYU. Then we asked what he was studying at school. He said "English" and without thinking I said "are you going to be a lawyer?"

 He looked confused when he said "actually, yes! Most people don't think that how did you know?"

 Instead of answering his question I asked him if he was considering NYU as his law school and then he looked really confused!

 He started grinning and looked between Elder B and me and asked "Did you read my mind? How did you know that?"
I explained that my dad went to NYU! And, once again without thinking, said "Would you want my dads phone number? you could talk to him about lawyers stuffs and good law schools?" he shrugged and agreed. So I wrote down the home phone number and gave it to him! We set up another time to meet and talked a little more before we left! 

Walking away I had the BEST feeling ever! I have never felt anything like it before! My body felt good all over! It was like an adrenaline rush but with a lot more positive emotion! The best solution I think I have is that I was overwhelmed with the spirit. It was warm and sunny outside and I had my suit jacket on but my whole body was shaking! I had an Incredible amount of energy, it was like nothing I had ever experienced! Then I realized, when I was talking to Z about law school and stuff, I didn't really think about what I was going to say! In fact, I cut him off once or twice! And a scripture came to mind, D&C 84:85 

Z made my week! He doesn't know it but all that I think about is when we get to talk to him and what we are going to teach him! Tomorrow is our next lesson! I am very excited!

Other then that, French has been coming along! Monday our district went out and practiced teaching with our teachers. The objective was for you and your companion to meet someone on the street and give them a tour of an LDS church. They explained that missionaries do this in some zones in France as it is a really easy way to get people to learn about the church. So Elder B and I went out and "met" our teacher on the street and asked her if she wanted to take a tour of the "church." We ended up using the spanish speaking building! It was great! We wandered around and looked into all the spanish classes, some with students and teachers in them, and named them things like the chapel, or the relief society room, and explained, in French, to our teacher that they were different room of an LDS church. We got to the conference room and we called it the sacrament room. When we got in there I explained that this room is sacred because we take the sacrament. I explained how the sacrament worked and what it represents. I bore my testimony on what the sacrament meant to me and why I found it special. It was nice, the room was quiet and I almost thought I could feel the spirit. Then I looked over at Elder B and he was just staring. At the teacher. And then he giggled. He put his brochure in front of his face and gave a light laugh. Then he turned away from the teacher and smiled at me and mouthed "I don't know what to do" in English. I apologized to my teacher in French for my colleagues' behavior and told him to bare his testimony. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I said "you start with say vrey and then what you know to be true." He gave me the blankest look. Then smiled. And giggled. Then he looked at the teacher and giggled harder. I apologized to her and told her that our tour was over.

Weirdest Elder B experience yet. This is the second time that he hasn't said anything in an all French lesson. I worry for him and for his French. 

I would count this week as a Good week! Two different experiences but everything else was great! :)

Love you all!
Elder Keller

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