Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 3 in the MTC

Grant with Davis (I took this from Davis's blog : ) Good friend from our NJ days, these cute boys were play group buddies.  Except when Grant would bite Davis, then we had to go home early.
Grant's zone and district groups.

Ran into Jeff! Good friend and cross country buddy.

He said this is Elder Darius, he is happy to see him.  I'm not sure I know who he is so I'll have to ask.
Grant sporting his new hair cut.  He said she cut it all with a razor.  One way to get rid of the curl : )

And our letter from Grant:

So this week felt less stressful than the previous two. I spent a good portion of this week memorizing vocab and conjugations! We also learned past tense! and the biggest French rule ever! Basically the French change the pronunciation and conjugation of words just to make it sound pretty. For instance, whenever a vowel follows an S you turn the S into a Z sound and slur the two words together to make a big word! There is also no rule for Masculine and Feminine. If it sounds prettier to make the word masculine, it becomes masculine! 

I got my haircut today! Brill and I walked into the barber shop and checked our names off of the scheduled list. The barber came out and called my name. I walked into the hair cutting room and sat down in a classic big red hair salon chair. The barber came over and put on the usual neck towel and hair catching coat, she then proceeded to pull out a big nasty looking razor that still had hairs from the last kid. She didn't even ask how I wanted my hair she just went to town! I told her I usually like to have hair in the front to comb over and she looked at me through the mirror and said to me "you haven't ever been here before have you?" and then proceeded to cut my hair again! I was really confused! Elder Brill's barber asked him what he wanted and cut his hair how he specified! I guess I got the lucky barber! Anyways, my barber used a razor to cut my entire head! It reminded me when dad got his haircut in Belize! The barber just used razors to cut his hair and blend it all together! After shaving the rest of my head she flipped the razor over and just sort of scraped my bangs off. I think the best part of getting my hair cut was when she turned the vacuum on! She had a big old vacuum hose that she used to suck off all the excess hair on my head! It felt weird but I definitely feel like your average Elder now!

Yesterday Elder Smith and I decided to go only salad and soup for the rest of the week! I am very excited for this! Ps: I may have gained a few pounds! But its not my fault! they let you have UNLIMITED CHOCOLATE COOKIES! now who can resist that!?

So Sundays are fun days for missionaries! In fact, we have more to do on Sundays than any other day of the week! Last Sunday I got to prepare a discussion on faith and blessings! I pulled a scripture from Mark where this man falls to Jesus's feet and tells him that he wants his Servant healed. He looks up at Jesus and says Lord I have faith that you can heal him but can you "help my unbelief?" and the Savior says go, your servant is healed. I asked a question along the lines of "even when our faith is insufficient will the lord help our unbelief?" and that got people talking! Some Elders had some interesting concepts of faith. I didn't know but during my discussion the mission president for the french speakers was listening. He then asked me to talk in sacrament for the next block. I didn't mind speaking other then it had to be in FRENCH!!! I had to give a 5 minuet talk in French. OI Vay. Fortunately, we had been asked to prepare a 5 minuet talk the week before and I had about half of mine done!
During my talk, about half way through, I had a scripture I wanted to reference. Unfortunately, I could not find the scripture and in my best French said "moving on" and my district leader just looked at me and sort of chuckled. I carried on and rattled my talk of in about 2 minuets. I then bore my testimony for three minuets on how grateful I was for the Savior. After my talk I sat down next to my district leader and he commended me for conjugating the verb "to love". I was so excited! I conjugated a verb and didn't even have to think about it! Or I mispronounced the verb. I think it was probably a 60/40 split.

Those were the exciting parts of my week! 
a la porcahine (until we meet again) 
Love, Grant Keller

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