Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter from Grant - no pictures this week

Wednesday Elder Brill was still getting over his sickness so we stayed in the housing halls. While he was sleeping I hammered out the second lesson and started the third lesson that we were going to teach to Solonge. (Solonge is an actor who role plays mission discussions with the French missionaries. She herself went on a mission to France and tries to play the role of one of the many French investigators that she taught.)  It was time consuming for the simple reason that I had to translate most of the questions and statements that I wanted to make. She received the second lesson very well! and the third lesson was AWESOME! Halfway through she asked a few questions and the words I needed just came to me. It was very broken french but it got the point across. After I answered her question Elder Brill, in broken french, bore his testimony and it went something like "even though I am very sick, I love the gospel. We both know these things to be true" and after another question we asked her to be baptized and she agreed! After she agreed we spent 10 minutes trying to set a date for her to be baptized haha oh man neither me or Brill knew the days of the week or months in French so we had to point to them on the calendar! We found out later that she denied being baptized by two other missionary companionships today and as backwards as this sounds, I am glad she did. Just because that means she won't say yes to everyone. It made me and Elder Brill happy! :) 

Elder Brill finally de-stressed Thursday and we really got to know each other. He has had a hard life moving and never being able to keep friends. It makes me glad that I can be his friend for four more weeks! 

We had our first zone conference this week! That was scary exciting! We all shared stories about the stupidest things we have ever done! I told about when Matt, Ben, Josh, Hunter, and I went bouldering up in the Uintas and how Matt almost fell of the cliff face. VERY scary! After we got to know our Zone better we had a discussion led by our district leader. It was nice. I am excited to have a real Zone conference when I get out to the field.

 Sundays in the MTC are incredibly busy! We all got to have a personal conversation with the mission president or his counselors and they all talked to us about mission life and things of that nature. The end of the day is the Best! We got to watch a video of Elder Bednar speaking to the missionaries! He talked on how to find Christlike attributes and challenged all of us to find a question, take a fresh book of mormon (one of the paper back kind) and read the whole book of Mormon and mark anything that pertains to our question and then when we finish write a half page to a page on what we learned. He said that if we did this for every serious gospel topic that by the end of our lives we would have a library of answered questions. 

Yesterday I felt like I had a breakthrough in the language. We got to have a follow up with Solonge and we brought a member along with us. We explained the Sacrament and why we keep the Sabbath day holy and then the member we brought along bore her testimony! It was great! It got even better when I bore a second testimony in French without needing to look for a word! After that experience I have felt more comfortable with the language. 

Also, some French missionaries from Paris came and are learning the Creol language. Whenever we have free time we go over and talk to them and practice our French! Its funny though because all they want to practice their English on us! 

I am loving the MTC. Spending all of this time just focused on the lord feels really good! I love you all. 
Elder Keller

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