Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 1 - Letter from Grant

So President Roney wanted us to reach 20 lessons a week twice this transfer. Thats a lot! Our mission has some 130 companionships and only 24 met the standard last week of teaching 20 lessons. But we thought that with the turkey bowl coming up that we could teach 25 lessons this week. Also note that we have two progressing investigators, and one of them got hospitalized earlier this week. So not a whole lot of teaching has been going on. We worked hard all week and spent probably more time then we should have doing service and helping out members. 

Wednesday we had our first of two district meetings, this weeks district meeting was in Chalon and we got to prepare a two hour activity! So, obviously, our activity was a turkey bowl! We made a point system and some simple rules and loosed the Entire District on the city of chalon!  We prayed throughout the week that when the turkey bowl happened the district would find people to teach and potential new investigators.We had seven different companionships contacting in the streets of Chalon and they got us four new phone numbers, two new investigators and they taught 9 lessons on the street! How exciting!

Saturday came quicker then we thought and we still needed to teach  11 lessons to reach our goal of teaching 25 lessons this week. Elder Perry brought up the idea of praying every 15 minuets, brilliant idea. We spent all of our time on Saturday roaming the streets trying to find anyone to teach! Unfortunately it was cold Saturday, It hit -1°C. (thank you mom for the hand warmers :) But we taught anyone that would listen! We talked to angry old short French ladies, Collage kids, we even got a drunk guys number, not sure if we should call him though. Some punk teenagers got us a lesson, a store clerk, a high school couple took book of mormons along with some homeless people(we didn't count teaching the homeless people) lots of people! All in All our hard day of work and lots of prayers we ended up with 13 lessons that day. We have two more investigators who we are meeting with next week! I thought three lessons was a miracle and I see now that with faith and prayers in good things the lord gives unrestrained. We  can do SO much with hard work and faith. Heavenly father prepared us last week to teach the people this week. Our 27 lessons came through from his hand and I hope that the investigators we received this week will find joy in our message next week.

Elder Keller

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