Monday, December 8, 2014

Grant's letter - Week 4

This week was a testimony builder. We read in Jesus the Christ the in depth analysis of the parable, given by our savior, of the "different types of soils". Talmage explains that each soil type has different factors that make it so that the seed can't grow(well, other then in the perfect soil in which it is the optimal place for planting a seed). The most interesting soil type seemed to be the soil that had thorns and bushes growing in it. The earth there was good, it has the proper amount of nutrient to yield forth strong plants. But it has weeds and aggressive plants deeply rooted in the soil. The weeds choke out the seeds soon after they have sprouted. 

We work hard in sharing the gospel with as many people as we come in contact with in hopes that eventually we can reap the wonderful fruit of missionary work. What occurred to me this week was that we might not get to be the reapers. I brought it up with Elder Perry and a few times during the week we would remind ourselves that often our job is not the job of the reaper, in reaping great rewards and bountiful harvests; but the job of the sower, to sow many seeds by touching the lives of many people and praying that a few seeds land in good soil and grow up to be strong active members! 

Because we do not know who has good soil and who does not we try to plant as many seeds as we can. And as a result, we know that many of the seeds will fall into the soil filled with weeds, where the aggressive bigger plants will try to choke out the young gospel seeds. And for those people we pray that somehow something can come into their lives and clear the soil of weeds; and we pray that those people might ask us for help in clearing the soil of their addictions and sins and then, after the weeding is done, we can help them nourish their faith that they might grow and become wonderful fruitful members in clean, weed free soil.

Something I liked and felt like applied to the mission work here in Chalon. 

HE IS THE GIFT! In French it is "Il est le don" (phonetically: Ill A lu don, or you could replace don with cadeau : cad-oo meaning present) We have discovered many people who have received our message and shared the video with their friend through social media! After you could probably check out the rest of the website and maybe take the questionnaire or watch the fun videos that explain our purpose here on earth and all about God and Jesus! 

If yall want chocolate or something shoot me an email and maybe in a week you can pick it up from mom and dad :D

I love you all!
Elder Keller

They got a tree to decorate.  I feel bad we sent one, but it may be a while before they get it.

Grant said someone gave them these le petite cookies for christmas.  We had a work colleague of Troy's over for dinner last night.  She is from Belgium and she was telling us that Saint Nicholas comes on Dec 6th.  So I will have to ask Grant if that is when he received his cookies..  

He said he is wearing his French scarf he bought in the cookie picture.  The last picture is just showing that they have made some parking spaces between the trees.  That made me laugh and reminded me of being in Kiev, Ukraine.  The city streets are so narrow that in a lot of places the parking was on the sidewalks.

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