Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 6 in France

 We make cookie trains at Christmas every year and Ethan suggested we send Grant the stuff to make trains.  Sweet, but not going to happen (it would weigh too much!).  So we sent him oats and cocoa to make no bake cookies, a Keller favorite.  Looks like he made them : )

He said this is a cat that like to sit on Elder P's back.

The bag of almonds Grandma and Grandpa Keller sent.  He was pretty excited about the almonds.

 Meeting Elder H and David Archuleta.

 Running into Elder C, from our stake.  Again with the blue guitar.

 We sent light up noses in the Christmas package...  and Grant sitting with a cute little santa.

Yah, so for the past few weeks President has been saying that David [Archuleta] would come and Thursday was the day! He sang a bunch of Christmas songs and a song that he wrote for the Meet the Mormons video. He has a really great voice and we all got to shake his hand! I told him about that one time when Momma Keller, Momma Jenson, Hunter Jenson, and I walked in a corn maze of his face. He Laughed pretty hard and just kept saying "Im so sorry! Im SO sorry!" His manager was next to him and laughed a bit too and asked "the corn maze in American Fork?" I said yes and they both laughed a little harder. I think there must have been an inside joke because there is no way it was that funny.

At the David Archeartbreak-uleta concert I GOT TO SEE ELDER C!!!! Yes! I finally got to see my older Trek brother! He gave me a huge hug! It was SO good to finally see him! We exchanged some stories and talked for a while before the concert started! And, dad will be proud of me, I found Elder H! We didn't have a whole lot in common but I told him that our dads know each other! I also asked him if he ever got to ride in the private jet with President Monson. Apparently, thats just something his dad gets to do.

Sorry I wont write much this week, I am saving all the stories and stuff for Skype :) cant wait to see you in a few days!! :D
Love you all! 
Elder Keller

PS I finished Jesus the Christ and President Roney said that if you send me a copy of Articles of Faith by Talmage I can read that too! 

***Grant did send pictures this week, I'll send them out in a separate letter and post on the blog.  Not everyone can get the emails with pictures.  

I had asked him some questions a couple weeks ago & here are his answers:  

I asked how the language was coming along:
Doing Great! Yesterday a lady asked us,P and I, if we would help her carry something somewhere and right before elder P could translate for me I told him I understood everything that she said. We spen ALOT of time with the two future missionaries in the ward and Elder P forces me to talk to them. I have learned a lot about French by doing that. Also by reading EVERY sign and billboard that we pass.I have a little notebook that I collect new french words and then during Language study time P Quizzes me. Often during lunch and dinner Elder P turns on a gospel movie in French and I try to pick up as much Language as I can from that. I asked Elder P how good my French was in comparison to the other three Elders he has trained. He said he trained an Elder who had 4 years of French before the mission and he said that at about week 4 that we were about the same when it came to comprehension and speaking. I would say that I can say a lot, but there is a lot I can not say. During lessons I add 3-4 comments at random points in the lesson, each one being 3-4 sentences(not counting bearing testimony but actual parts of the lesson).

I had heard David Archuleta was going to visit their mission.
Yes I met archuleta

I asked if he received mail or packages.
I received 3 Christmas packages! Two from you and one from Grandma and Grandpa Keller! (and the guitar book! [I sent it through, happy it made it to him] very helpful! all the missionaries and part of the ward are going to play at an old folks home and thanks to that book! The sister who plays the flute can play some songs and we can play some songs on the guitar for them!)

oh, package wise! I LOOOVE your freeze dried potatos! we eat them two to three times a week with a huge stir fry pot of veggies!  Letters are the most valued objects I think. I take the best care of them and they have the most sentimental value to me. We use the Freher fox for role plays! The silly putty was exciting but we play with it to much. The lights and christmas tree were SOOOO COOOOOL! haven't pulled out the little vibrating bugs... those might be really distracting... I use the jump rope 10-20 minuets a day depending on the workouts! I also use Elder P's resistance band A LOT. when he leaves if I could get one of those that would be nice but only if you want! Thankyou for all of the wonderful gifts! I havent opened up the wrapped packages, Ill open those up with the family over skype! Oh and I only opened up one of your brown packages. the one with the Christmas tree, the other is for Christmas day!

do you think you can send Articles of Faith by Amazon?

I love you and all your beautiful motherlyness! sorry if there R Tons of type Os ;)
I love you! 
Elder KEller 

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