Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter From Grant

So, this Noel season is wonderful! More and More people are willing to talk to us and President Roney thinks that that is because people are looking for presents to give. And when you think of others you feel Christs love, and when that happens you are more open to talk to Boys in Suits. YAY

We made more cakes this week. Small bannana bread cakes in old cans (yes mom we wash them with soap, and our hands). After we bake the bread we give it to others! Tuesday we decided to give one to Steven. Steven is a guy we met riding his no handed segway and we know he lives two floors above us...And we know he has a ring on his finger. (insert evil cackle here)

Not knowing where Stevens door is on the fourth floor we grabbed the cake and hopped in the elevator, said a quick prayer that we will be able to find him. Elevator doors open and guess who is on the otherside of the doors? Steven AND his wife! 

We gave them the cake talked for a few minuets and then she invited us into her apartment! We go in to discover that THEY HAVE THREE KIDS. It is perfect! They are married, they have kids, they do happen to be catholic but that's nothing we can't fix. 

We talked to them for about 40 minuets! We plan on inviting them to Family Night and trying to have a family night at their house! We hope that they become receptive and want to hear more about the gospel! we have been praying all week that they will want to have these family nights! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Love you all! Share the gift! 

Be happy! A smile looks better then the nicest suit!

Elder Keller

A sweet mom posted this on the Lyon France Facebook page.  It was Elder Keller's Thanksgiving dinner.  
Grant sent Morgan this picture of him playing a blue guitar.

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